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Yossi Waxman

Writer, Artist, Designer 


Ev'ry Time We Say

Goodbye I Die a Little

Keter, 1999

Yahaloma Levi is an unforgettable character. This is her story of love and adventure that combines the dazzling beauty and the tragedy of every human life.


Yahaloma Levi tells the story of her life's struggles and victories after she dies and before her soul could find eternal peace.


She comes from the old Jewish family of ancient Jerusalem; a poor Sephardi orphan who becomes a beauty with a superb singing voice. She marries an older man, an Ashkenazi amputee, and they relocate to modern Tel Aviv. Her life in the big city is filled with humiliation and grief, but also passion and joy.


After she dies, her spirit revisits her childhood streets and her days as a young bride, hungry for crumbs of love and forgiveness, and examines all that she had left behind - being orphaned, inter-sectarian prejudices, her children, and the contradictions and frustrations of being an Israeli. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye I Die a Little is a moving tragic novel that is also very funny, laughing at the absurdities of life. 



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