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Yossi Waxman

Writer, Artist, Designer 

My First Vampire Book

 Kinneret, 1995

Book Excerpt


Some people faint with horror at the site or touch of a drop of blood, but there are others who go crazy with joy when they see or even catch a whiff of a blood droplet. They are the vampires.

Now, poor vamps live in ordinary cemeteries, but rich vamps own magnificent palaces and villas. They love art and collect artifacts. Rich, high-class vampires would never (ever!) marry poor ones. 

There are no mirrors in vamps' homes because, unlike ordinary people, they have no reflections. This is why vamps never know what they look like or how they are dressed. Thus, over the years, vamps have developed a particularly bad taste in clothes. Unaware of the color of their shirts or the shape of their belts, rich vamps passionately believe they are the prettiest and noblest creatures while the lowly vamps are unfashionable and tasteless.  


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